Industry Services

The C & I Projects group has successfully worked offset programs for clients in multiple countries. Speak to us about your needs and we will be pleased to provide our specific capabilities.

We utilise extensive networks and relationships in multiple markets giving significant on-ground capability. Our global business law and investment banking backgrounds equip our team to structure cross-border initiatives to maximise leverage, strategic impact and cost/credit efficiency of solutions.

We work at each stage of a client's engagement with a target market and/or industry relationship program. In regard to defence offset programs these can be specifically developed pre-bid, fulfilled post contract or leveraged pro-actively in multiple countries as a business development tool.

Our mission in all markets is to enable clients implement and leverage their capabilities for economic development to:

  • Advance sales and marketing objectives
  • Win business
  • Fully discharge contractual offset obligations
  • Leverage economic activity, industrial and social growth

C & I can assist its clients with:

  • Industry Participation Programs (Offsets) proposals and fulfilments
  • Bid & Proposal Enhancement using economic development strategies as a competitive discriminator
  • Matching inward investment strategies with diverse customer driven expectations of economic development
  • Export facilitation programs including global supply chain optimisation
  • Structured trade finance (incl. tolling, securitised exports and countertrade)
  • Policy advice on Government leveraged economic development
  • Demonstrating good corporate citizenship through local industry and community development partnerships

We offer our clients a "one-stop" industry service including:

  • Complete offset tender responses
  • In-country industry missions and briefings
  • Teaming due diligence and relationship structuring
  • Legal contract advice, drafting and negotiation
  • General legal counsel
  • Implementation of industry programs
  • On-going offset fulfilment project management
  • Compliance with monitoring and reporting obligations

We will provide you with an "outcomes focused" program with a commitment to quality service.

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