Company Profile

The C & I Projects Group is a leader in Industry Development and Strategic Economic Advisory Services for both the Defence and Civil sectors. Our capabilities are relevant to parties looking to establish strategic business relationships in new markets; tendering for major government procurement contracts; meeting offset obligations or wishing to use local industry participation and/or offsets as strategic tools for improved market entry and competitive advantage.

The C & I Projects Group includes White Cleland, a law firm established in Australia in 1954. We have offices in Australia, Canada and India and affiliates in Europe and elsewhere. We are vetted and approved as an Offset Services Provider by leading prime contractors. We have successfully researched, negotiated, and structured projects in many countries.

We work at each stage of a client's engagement with a target market and/or industry relationship program. In regard to defence industry participation programs these can be specifically developed pre-bid, fulfilled post contract or leveraged pro-actively in multiple countries as a business development tool.

Our mission is to enable clients implement and leverage their capabilities for economic development to:

  • Advance sales and marketing objectives
  • Win business
  • Leverage economic activity, industrial and social growth

Our targeted clients include:

  • Defence and Aerospace contractors
  • Governments - national, municipal, state and provincial
  • Infrastructure Developers
  • Corporations seeking to access or expand in global markets

C&I assists its clients with:

  • Industry Participation Programs (Offsets) which are generally associated with defence and large public sector procurements
  • Bid & Proposal enhancement using economic development strategies as a competitive discriminator
  • Matching inward investment strategies with diverse customer driven expectations of economic development
  • Export facilitation programs including global supply chain optimisation
  • Structured trade finance (incl. tolling, securitised exports and countertrade)
  • Policy advice on Government leveraged economic development
  • Demonstrating good corporate citizenship through local industry and community development partnerships

Our key personnel have investment banking, international business, defence contracting and intellectual property law skills. We can provide insights into the legal, commercial and financial features of global business projects, the contractual and intellectual property issues, and the appropriate way to negotiate and structure Industry Participation and Offset proposals and relationships.

Clients include major defence, finance and civil corporations operating in North America, Europe, UK, South East Asia and Australia. Our international spread of offices and personnel link us across multiple markets and sectors.

We bring a new level of professionalism, skill and experience to our specialist corporate advisory field. We can make a significant difference to your chances of successful contract bid, market entry or business development. We will help you build lasting relationships with local industry and fulfil all contractual obligations.

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