The C & I Team possesses key strengths in India. It comprises key local expertise and connections and experienced practitioners who have many decades of successful experience in Offset and Industry Participation. We have worked with both civil and defence companies that have faced offset challenges around the world. Accordingly, the Team knows first hand the challenges and constraints facing clients as well as the corresponding risks and ways to mitigate those risks.

C & I Projects offers an on the ground office resource in Noida (New Delhi region) and soon in Bangalore. This capability sets us apart from our internationally based competitors and also from other local consultants who do not have our many years of extensive offset experience across multiple programs. We are the ideal solution for all interested parties in India.

The C & I Projects Team includes the resources of White Cleland Lawyers. This gives the Group a total staff of 40 people who have skills in offsets, global supply chain requirements, strategic business planning, complex documentation negotiation, deal structuring, intellectual property, joint ventures, investment banking and export facilitation.

The Group offers a professional capability to identify suitable industry and technology partners and projects, conduct market visits, undertake due diligence and coordinate programs with the client's global business development and industry participation strategies. Relationship structuring, contract negotiations and risk assessment are key attributes.

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