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C & I Projects is focussed on the Indian market and the opportunities presented for the introduction of technology transfers, global teaming, manufacturing and other relationships plus specific opportunities under India's very large and emerging defence offset program. We have an on-ground presence in Noida (New Delhi region) and soon in Bangalore, with experienced directors able to deliver our services.

C & I Projects understands the unique needs of the Indian defence and aerospace industry. C & I Projects' innovative OMD Program is the name for a package of advisory services that will be tailored to suit the client but are capable of bringing together Program Outcomes which will include:

  • Tap into India's defence and homeland security industries and associated opportunities
  • Open doors to global high-tech manufacturing opportunities and relationships
  • Facilitate technology sourcing, transfers, and commercialisation
  • Leverage offset programs as a domestic business development tool and/or global market entry tool

C & I Projects has comprehensive knowledge of the industry sectors and participants in India that can be valuable partners and sources of innovation and business growth. We can identify companies in Australia, North America, the EU and elsewhere which want to access the Indian market and can offer incremental value to India through manufacturing relationships, technology transfer, product commercialisation, teaming and other benefits.

As well as identifying these relationships C & I Projects can use its long established reputation and contacts in the defence offset industry to assist in maximising commercial benefits for all parties by negotiating with obligated prime contractors prepared to support credit earning initiatives based on production in India or around exports from India.

The C & I Projects Group has handled offset programs for global corporations and its senior executives are regular speakers at defence offset conferences around the world and we have an extensive network of industry contacts. The group also has niche capabilities in the allied fields of international law, commercial contracts and intellectual property dealings, particularly for clients in the defence, aerospace and other hi-tech manufacturing industries.

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