C&I Projects has assembled a strong team with established Canadian industry, banking and government relationships that can deliver the necessary skill sets and provide our clients with a broad range of solutions for the various IRB requirements they will face.

C&I Projects is partnered in Canada with Tactix Government Relations and Public Affairs Inc. Tactix is an Ottawa-based consultancy that has helped clients navigate their way through complex political and public policy issues in Ottawa since 1996. The firm combines the expertise and government networks of outstanding former senior public servants with consultants having an unparalleled wealth and depth of experience with Canada's leading political parties.

This combined approach is based on our steadfast belief that our clients' best interests are served by senior advisors who can quickly grasp the essential details of their strategic objectives and map them out for government and business in an articulate, well-reasoned way.

The C&I Team possesses key strengths in the Canadian market. The team members have many decades of successful experience as either employees or contracted consultants and practitioners of IRBs and Industry Participation. We have worked with both civil and defence companies that have faced such challenges in both Canada and around the world. Accordingly, the Team knows first hand the challenges and constraints facing clients as well as the corresponding risks and ways to mitigate those risks.

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