IRB Services

The Government of Canada uses federal procurement as a lever to promote industrial and regional economic development objectives. Those objectives are clearly stated in Industry Canada's Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) Policy guidelines:

Amongst those requirements is often a need for a client to consider in its proposal specified strategic industry sectors, regions, and a consideration of small business.

The C&I Canada Team will construct on its client's behalf a coordinated and targeted compliant IRB proposal that enables Industry Canada to:

  • Evaluate how our client intends to implement the IRB program including specific projects
  • Assess the adequacy of the IRB program to demonstrate the ability of it and its team to generate and sustain cost-effective indigenous industry solutions, to provide the greatest level of strategic self-reliance and operational benefit to Canadian military capability
  • Monitor the progress and achievement of activities defined in the IRB program

The C& Projects Team understands Industry Canada and the IRB requirements:

  • Written and verbal fluency in both official languages - English and French
  • A thorough understanding and network in the Canadian aerospace & defence sector
  • An in-depth knowledge of Canada's aerospace and defence supplier base including electronics, robotics, specialized materials - including composites, advanced ceramics, optical systems, space-related technologies and aerospace machining as a result of years of working in private industry and government.
  • An understanding of Canada's various regions, associated politics, and key issues

We offer our clients a one-stop Canadian industry service including:

  • Industry Canada IRB tender responses
  • Teaming due diligence and relationship structuring
  • Global supply chain initiatives and industry training programs
  • Implementation of IRB programs post-contract award
  • On-going IRB project management
  • Compliance with monitoring and reporting obligations
  • Extensive personal knowledge and working relationships with other key defence and aerospace industry SMEs throughout Canada

We provide our clients with an "outcomes focused" program with a commitment to quality service which will encompass:

  • Development along with your company's personnel of a strategy allied to your corporate objectives
  • Provision of ongoing in-depth research and analysis of companies and business opportunities to fit the agreed marketing and industrial cooperation strategy

We will co-ordinate with all other personnel involved with your company's marketing, business development and offset efforts in order to identify any formerly unknown opportunity that could be used to satisfy your Canadian project objectives. This includes other international programs and markets to identify export, technology based or teaming opportunities that match the objectives of potential industrial cooperation partners.

Once suitable local and foreign parties have been identified we are then in a position to act for you in documenting the commercial arrangements with all parties to ensure that your interests are properly covered and protected. We will write or assist your Company write its IRB program.

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